There is a meme floating around that says something like "People don't just hate you - They hate that other people love you". This is such a true statement. But there's more. Much more. Occasionally, people will also hate the way that YOU love OTHERS... and most times, this hate will come from people who… Continue reading Tripping.



I dated a guy once. For the sake of this example, let's call him Robert. Robert was a pretty upstanding citizen - He was educated, gainfully employed, a truly dedicated family man and deeply active in ministry. Sounds like a winner right? Well. Sorta. Robert grew up in a family made up of mostly females… Continue reading Buttons.


I wrote a status on Facebook yesterday, and I haven't been able to shake it: Snarky remarks about ambitions, dressed up as ”just my opinion”. Engaging in Public Embarrassment, disguised as “jokes”. Consistent negativity about their appearance, shrouded as “constructive criticism”. So many PARENTS have broken their own CHILDREN... without even realizing it. Here’s the… Continue reading Bully.


When I was younger - I used to catch those traveling appraisal shows on television - and I was always so intrigued... You ever seen them? People would go through their attics, basements, garages and storage units looking for little odds, ends and things that they've either acquired over time, or things that were given… Continue reading Value.


Alright. Here lately, we've become very interested in the concept of Self Care and how it is supposed to play out in our lives. Mental Health has become a huge conversation piece, and as someone who has overcome depression and having experienced other damaging emotional spaces, (I'll write about that later) I applaud the attention… Continue reading Toxic.


Let's me start by saying that regardless of how you feel about yourself, you are a threat to someone. Yes...... You. There is at least one person, somewhere, who has an issue with you just because you're you! As such, that person and/or those persons will not stay attached to you. They may reject or… Continue reading Threat.